Pattern and Texture


These are the final pictures.Β  One represents a tile and the other represents, at least in my eyes macaroni.

Oh how yummy. The curves and the magnitude of the lines as well as the little particles on the top gives me the impression that it is pasta. Oh how I can taste the cheese melting on my tongue because it was fresh out of the oven. Eat this with macaroni with some chicken along with some avacado and your belly will thank you. Do not forget drink it down with some orange solo (a caribbean treat).

Every morning when I wake up to get ready for school, I go to the bathroom to take a shower. upon entering, I look down and see my reflection painted on the flower patterned tile. They are plated perfectly on the floor, you don’t know the cut off point on the tile. It sits perfect, I admire it for quite some time.

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