History of Favorite My Color

My favorite color is orange. However, on the color wheel, red-orange suits more of the tone of orange that I liked.  Growing up, I always based my favorite color on those that I looked up to just to fit in, so as I grew older I wanted a color that fits me (unusual, full of laughter, spontaneous, trusting and bright: this is just some elements that fit into the history of the color red-orange. 

Fact: The word orange stemmed from the Old French and Anglo-Saxon orenge. Before the name orange appeared, it was yellow-red. Another way of saying yellow-red was “geoluhread”.

This color conveys enthusiasm, vitality, encouragement, energy, balance, protection self- assertion, opportunity, adventure, ambition, confidence, exotic, and surprisingly , it was a color used among the royals. 

In the fifteen hundreds, artists used orange to create drama. The orange pigment then was made out of a highly toxic mineral called orpiment, which contained traces of arsenic.

In the case of product promotion, this bright color attracts the eye to the consumer to alert them that the price is cheap. 

The history and usage of the color orange/ red-orange is never ending and interesting.

P.S. I am so glad I chose this as a favorite color of mine. Orange rocks.

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