Project 5

I enjoyed this assignment more than any other one introduced in the class even though I don’t  like drawing.  This instilled in me concepts that I can use in the latter of my career (law and health). It took me a while to realize this , but this course has taught me things that I need to pay close attention to.  Nonetheless, the above were not the initial pictures that I was going to work with.  I changed over to this because it is not too complex. All of this was taken and done outside the basement area of my building. For PLOW I decided to outline the purple chalk with charcoal that way it would be more visable to the eye. Due to my inability to write small, I was not able to keep the fonts the same size as the objects or mark chosen. In the future, I would look for items that are much bigger to fit my penmanship.  I do take it upon myself to practice writing smaller on concrete and on paper. Did I meet the objective of the some aspects yes. Much better could have been done.

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