These are the 5 pictures that I chose to work with And here is the 5 sketches for those picture that I’ve been working on

Finally, these are the 4 final pieces for this project. Only 4 because the one with the word UNIT was gone when I came back. 

This project is by far the hardest in term of finding ideas at least for me because looking at the “starting point” to imagine the whole word with a specific typeface is really forced me to squeeze my brain to let my imagination does its job. The second hardest part of this project is the weather. As you notice, I started with 5 “starting point” and 5 sketches but I only have 4 of the “final phase” because this project was based on little things outside and we also have to come back so not everything stays the same when we came back. It’s also really cool outside at this time of the year but luckily, I’ve been a good boy this year so Mother Nature saved me by not raining or snowing when I was about to start to work outside. After this project and also looking at my classmates’ final, I learned that every little thing could turn into a typeface with a little bit of imagination. sometimes things are a little bit harder to see like my “PILL” piece when the “starting point” which is “P” is backward so I draw the rest of the typeface backward and flipped the image but I guess Openlab doesn’t like that so somehow its flipped my image back to the original. Finally, I also learned that if not because of the project please don’t go outside with a bag of chalk/charcoal trying to draw something in this kind of weather cause IT IS FREEZING.

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  1. MattC

    The transition from pictures to sketching to final images is very well done. The words are legible and relate to your starting point, either in texture,form,and e.t.c.


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