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Project 4: Define


I chose Blue-green for my favorite color. Blue is the color of the sky and the sea, which projects a serene feeling in my opinion. Green on the other hand is the color of nature…of life, something new growing, thus gives a harmonious and relaxing feeling. Combined, it creates this beautiful color that brings all the best characteristic of both colors.

Project 4 Color your Selfie- Step 2

The contrast I got was hard get. In order to get the white I had to constantly raise the contrast however the more I raise the contrast, the more the left side of my face starts to blend with the shadow. I think I got the right balance where the you can see my eyes, eyebrows, nose, and mouth.

My favorite color I would be working on is red- violet (tint).

Project 4 – Color Your Selfie

I don’t consider myself to have a favorite color but for this project I decided to go with Blue-Green because for me it’s a pretty color and it resonates with my personality. Also when I think back to when i was a teen, given the choices of objects that came in different colors I would almost always choose this one.

This is the black and white selfie that I’m working with:

And these are the color schemes that I used to make the complementary, triad and analogous compositions of my selfie. I used a color wheel to choose the corresponding colors in each kind of composition and searched for them and their CMYK numbers in a Pantone book to help me find them easily in photoshop and illustrator.

Blue-Green is a color that is used to symbolize water, tranquility, intuition, communication and wisdom. It is a mixture of Blue, which has calming properties, and Green, which has growth properties. I like that it is a mixture. I’ve never really liked straightforward primary colors. And I feel that being calm and at least trying to have good communication and trying to be smart is something that I always do. I also love the ocean and looking at it. Living on a island for a long period of time showed me the different kinds of blues the ocean could take on, and Blue-Green is the nicest. It’s just a color that gives me the most welcoming feeling.

And using Blue-Green and its complementary, triad, and analogous colors, I chose to make my compositions like this:


This project wasn’t hard but in order for it to come out right you need to really follow the steps for it to come out right. I had to re-do my main contrasted black and white image many times until I was satisfied with it and until it had no more grays. And I had to switch my colors around in each composition until it felt right or until it was more visible. I also feel like I learned a lot about the use of color for designs. I now notice other designs in real life and think about how they use analogous or complementary colors for their work. Before I would think that people just chose whatever colors they wanted for their work but it makes sense that there is more meaning behind it.