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This art piece was created by Poramit Thantapalit and is on display at the Arcadia Earth NYC. This entire art piece is created by recycled product and so is everything else from this museum. This art piece is ambiguous. The relationship between the background and foreground is about 50/50. In this art piece the background compliments the foreground. The background is an underwater ocean team  and the recycled product comes together to make a jellyfish. I like how the object is still but with the ocean background it gives off an illusion of motion. The artist used multiple colors like white,yellow and red . Normally artist doesn’t tend to mix the color yellow and red together but i think this artist use the color yellow to symbolize the jellyfish and red to symbolize his love for a clean ocean.


My favorite color is green. For as long as I can remember green has been my favorite color. It feels like I didn’t choose  the color the color chose me. Green is a secondary color created by blue and yellow. The color green symbolizes nature and give off a calm relaxed emotion. The color green can be used to symbolize wealth, luck, nature, healthy and etc. Green is a calm color that can also symbolize balance, stability, reliability, safety and etc.

My emotion for this project is “Anger”. At the beginning of the project I had some complications in expressing my emotion in the photo, but after listening to my fellow classmates and the professor critique I think I finally got it right. In this project I tried my best to be as creative as possible and make my work look different from everyone else who also used the emotion anger. Other students in the class used the mouth and eyes to show their expression, but I wanted to be unique so I used the ear and nose to show my emotion. I also wanted to be creative with my gray scale so I incorporated it in my design with the rain.



Hey I’m the sidewalk. I have been overlooked and mistreated for years by human, animal and etc. They just walk all over me with no consideration or care, throwing their trash everywhere. I don’t understand why they do this to me if I’m the support under their feet.

Brick wall 1
Hey I’m the wall, without me you’ll have no privacy, separation, or protection you welcome.


Hey my name is book we could be best friends if you  want to. I would be your most trustworthy and entertaining friend. Whenever your bored and need entertainment you can read me and when ever you need to express yourself I got endless pages to write on.