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Project 4 Color your Selfie- Step 2

The contrast I got was hard get. In order to get the white I had to constantly raise the contrast however the more I raise the contrast, the more the left side of my face starts to blend with the shadow. I think I got the right balance where the you can see my eyes, eyebrows, nose, and mouth.

My favorite color I would be working on is red- violet (tint).

Andrew Chen Project 4 – Deliver

Overall I really had fun playing with the colors.  I never thought I would enjoy playing with the triad colors.  The one improvement I would like to work on is the 1st step, playing with the brightness and contrast and still maintaining the details. I had a hard time getting all of the bow tie in tack, so I had to remove it. I would like to play with more colors on my hair face and tie.

Andrew Chen Project 4- Develop


I use the orange to complement and also exaggerate the blue, making it strong.

The Triad colors went very well, of the three images, this was my favorite. The yellow back ground really complemented the red hair.

For the Analogous colors I chose the blue as the background to complement the violet blue details and it also making the blue green hair very noticeable.

Project 4-Step 3-Develop

This is my Complementary composition image. I chose green as the background and red as my face. I think it makes my face more visible.

This is my Triad composition image. I chose to use red as the background, use blue as my head and use yellow to make the eyes, mouth and body more visible.

This is my Analogous composition image. I chose purple as the background, red for my head and orange to make the eyes and chin more visible.