Project 3 : Selfiemotion |step 3 – collage

This is one of the sketches I did, the movement is mainly coming from the zigzags that go across my face. While doing this project I had originally taped on a different set of eyes, one that was crossed eyed. But in doing that it took away a number of things, the emotion I was trying to get across and the focus point and unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it. I emotion I chose in this third project was anger. What mainly shows the mood in my composition is the mouth gives out a someone that is yelling.

This was another of the sketches I did to express anger. With using the eyebrows in the composition to sort of show anger was a fail because instead it gave out a confused vibe. So that is one of the reason I decided against it. Throughout this composition I noticed that the value was doing poorly because it was super light in most spots.


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