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Project 5 : imagiNATION |step 4 -deliver


This is my first composition and one of my favorites because the type in this one particularly is clear. One thing I struggled with throughout this one is getting that sort of ragged look on the sides of the letters. I tried to incorporate that by making sure the inside of my letters were darker than the outline to get that washed away kind of vibe.


For my second composition chose to do this simple paint streak that i had found. While trying to come up with what letter form could use, I noticed that the line was originally sort of slanted. So I went with a lazy slated kind of look


For my last composition I decided to find something with color because black and white can get repetitive and boring. I went with kind of this starting point and worked around it, making taht the middle of each letters. I used A, D, and O because they required a counter which was good for the use of the starting point.


Overall this project was different and made me get out of comfort zone. Despite the events that happened I am pleases with the outcome. Something I would do differently is look for more unique staring points and not stick to simple ones.

Project 4 : Color your Selfie |step4 -deliver


This so far has been my favorite projects for a number of reasons, one being that  I learned a lot of things. I learned about color and how they can have a huge affect on the final outcome of anything. I also learned how to find colors on a pantone book and the difference of RGB and CMYK. Also throughout this project I was excited to be learning the basics of photoshop. Something I would do better is made my original black and white picture more high on contrast.


Project 4 : Color your selfie |step 3 -develop

What I choose from the color wheel was printed as blue-green. Which is turquoise, to make this color you’d have to mix blue and green. Blue represents calm, the sea, freedom, sensitivity and other meanings of depth. As the color green  means growth , harmony, freshness and environment. Having the characteristics of the two colors that make up turquoise they sort of intertwine making turquoise mean communication , energy, wisdom, wholeness. emotional balance.  Turquoise was an important color back then to the Native Americans, they often made mention to it as the “stone of life” . I chose this color because as a little girl I always chose this color instead of blue or green because I felt like it popped out more. This color also reminds me of when I am at the beach in the Dominican Republic and people are walking around selling necklaces that had a turquoise colored stone.

Project 3 : Selfiemotion |step 5 -deliver

Throughout doing this project I struggled on which mood I wanted to accomplish. At first I chose happiness but it didn’t seem to ‘excite’ me . So that’s when I went with to complete opposite, anger. When I am angry, the same way my composition looks is how feel inside. Its like everything is  exploding around me but then I have that sense of softness and I incorporate that in between my eyes and nose. If I could change something about this project is to have more sketches, go through more trails and errors. What I learned is how value can affect your compositions , I’d also have more darks shades on me final.

Project 3 : Selfiemotion |step 3 – collage

This is one of the sketches I did, the movement is mainly coming from the zigzags that go across my face. While doing this project I had originally taped on a different set of eyes, one that was crossed eyed. But in doing that it took away a number of things, the emotion I was trying to get across and the focus point and unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it. I emotion I chose in this third project was anger. What mainly shows the mood in my composition is the mouth gives out a someone that is yelling.

This was another of the sketches I did to express anger. With using the eyebrows in the composition to sort of show anger was a fail because instead it gave out a confused vibe. So that is one of the reason I decided against it. Throughout this composition I noticed that the value was doing poorly because it was super light in most spots.


Project 2 : Texture & Pattern | step 5 -deliver

This is my final composition, for starters one thing I knew that would occur through the duration of this project was trail and error. Some of this things that worked for me in this project was not having an outline in the image forming the shapes for it to be translated in line and type. If I were to go back to a day ago I would buy more ink pens because midway of doing my ink compositions my pens were running out of ink. I feel like that had a big impact on how my project turned out. Something I learned in this project is how much of a mood a image can give you. Also how that mood can be developed using different lines and type.

When I first saw the texture photograph that first thing that came up in my head was that it felt so zen. Throughout the process of sketching out my line composition I decided that I would stick to a rather regular line, but that had a sense of movement. When furthering to the type composition I found that while sketching I was losing the mood of calm it just looked to crowded so i decided to change it a little for my final.

As for the Pattern photograph the initial mood I personally got was confusion. It was one of those photographs that when you it one shape can pop up in your head. But as you look more you different shapes. My type composition was a little tricky at first because I wanted to use letters to form the shape and not have a actual outline of the shape. Soon after I decided to use the outline as a sort of guide and I think it helped me in the end.

Project 1 – lost & found | step 4: deliver

These images above are the final draft of this project. Throughout  this project I learned a numerous amount of things. One being that I have to be patient and trust that the work will get better , draft after draft. If I were to redo this project I would have gotten a better tracing paper that was more I guess visible. To add on to what I would have bought, is a thin brush because it was difficult going through the tight areas in my piece. Overall I learned the difference between ambiguous and obvious figure/ground relationships. My final piece compared to my refined there is a difference in the ambiguous, One being that the coloring to totally different and I gave it more definition and personality. When looking back to my first sketch you can see that I keep the image bland and boring. In my final piece you see the change.