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Selfiemotion – Klarissa G.

For my Selfiemotion Collage, these are 3 of the sketches I tried out:


The mood I chose to portray is Fear. To me Fear is mainly expressed by the eyes, but then also followed up by the eyebrows and the mouth. When I feel fear my eyes open up wide and I raise my eyebrows and my mouth stays in a pout. But I know more people would express fear with their mouth open in some sort of stressed way. In my sketches those are the elements that I tried to play around with. In my sketches I wasn’t so successful with the motion and contrast of the different elements.

And this is what I ended up making as my final work and my grayscale:

I think I was able to achieve the fearful look although I know some people might think the expression I created looks more disgusted or surprised. I added different sized and contrasted elements (eyebrows, eyes and mouth) in order to portray a pulsing kind of motion and to represent how when I feel fear I feel shock and even though my eyes widen, my emotional side starts to shrink inside. Thats also why I decided to make the lower part of my chest get smaller as it goes down. I made my grayscale into a collage like my photo with the remaining scraps of my black and white photographs. The whole project was interesting and little tedious to make. But it’s something I had never done before so it was fun. I didn’t want to use other photographs that weren’t of my face, but maybe that could have helped me push out the expression a little bit more.

Project 3: Selfie Motion Deliver

  1. Here is my final collage. I added more pieces of paper to up the contrast to try and achieve more of the grey scale. I also added lines to emphasize the focal point which is the mouth. I also made the final decision to put the flames behind me which worked out pretty well and didn’t look like it was stuck on there. To me it looks like it’s coming out of my head. As for the grey scale I poked holes in it so you really can see the full transition from shade to shade.

At the end of this project I really learned how to work on focal points and how it could really have an impact on your work. I wanted the focal points to be the mouth and facial expression/eyes , this is because in my opinion anger can  be identified with just those things.At first my goal was to accomplish the mood anger with just the eyebrows but after feedback I realized that it was a bit confusing so I wanted the mouth and eyebrows to work hand in hand.I also experimented a lot more which I did not do last project , so I corrected my mistake.Just like my drafts I had a bit of trouble creating my mood while having movement,focal point, and grey scale all in tact.