Project 3: Selfie Motion Deliver

  1. Here is my final collage. I added more pieces of paper to up the contrast to try and achieve more of the grey scale. I also added lines to emphasize the focal point which is the mouth. I also made the final decision to put the flames behind me which worked out pretty well and didnโ€™t look like it was stuck on there. To me it looks like itโ€™s coming out of my head. As for the grey scale I poked holes in it so you really can see the full transition from shade to shade.

5 thoughts on “Project 3: Selfie Motion Deliver

  1. Yunique G.

    This looks amazing and I loved the way you added this sort of sinister vibe to your angry collage. This is something I’ve never seen anyone do so it shocks me that I get to see it first glance.


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