Project 3

My mood is happy. For my first sketch I decided to show my mood a little bit funny by making it seem like the joker, but when people had to guess my mood they take my mood in a more deeper and weird direction.

For my second sketch I just played around with my face expression so people can tell that I’m happy. Which it didn’t go well because people were saying every mood but happy. I decided to change some elements that weren’t necessary and make the focal point a lot more noticeable.

final composition

Since we weren’t able to use any emojis and things like that. I wanted to base my collage on the laughing emoji. Since I struggled with my focal point and also with people guessing my mood, I thought that it was funny and obvious to show it that way. The way that I put all the elements together shows my movement, that I’m moving around while laughing so hard.

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