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Collage Sketches

To start off my mood for my collages is fearful. I wanted to achieve something unique, yet interesting within my pictures by adding some elements that dealt with a cartoony and realistic vibe within them. This first collage of mine added both the cartoon and realistic aspect of my images within it. I decided to incorporate images both from my tabloid and letter size images into it to give it a different appeal. The reaction I wanted it to be was that of me looking at something while also shrieking with having sweat drops. One thing I could’ve done better was by adding more sweat drops and to incorporate more body parts into my collage that was taken from my pictures.

My second collage was more on the cartoonish side and I decided to actually draw hair into my collage, but the more I looked at it I’ve decided that I didn’t like it. Once again I decided to add pictures from both my tabloid and letter size photos into my collage. The focal point of this collage is my large mouth and eyes almost as if it’s looking at something frightful, but that is the point of my entire mood/emotion. I’ve also decided that I wanted to add the lower part of my neck down to my sweater from my photo to give it that humanly look while also maintaining that it looks goofy. One thing I thought I could’ve done better was to make the hair darker so that it doesn’t give off the paper’s color.

For my third collage I wanted to try something different. For this exact collage I wanted to make me look like I’m actually hiding from something. So I’ve decided to carve off the dark picture of my sweater from my tabloid images so that it acted as a blanket. The hands are something that I’ve found in my little sister’s magazine with someone who was actually holding something, but I wanted it to act as if these hands were clenching onto the blanket. My entire point of this collage is to sway people into looking at the irregular colors and the different sizes of my hand. That’s what I wanted my focal point to achieve. One thing I could’ve done better was to add a head or maybe even a hat and a mouth. This collage gave me an idea for my final collage, but instead enhance it to make it stand out.

The mood that I chose was anger , when I think of anger I always relate the eyebrows centering in with a slant , eyelids covering eyes more,also clenched jaw for bottling up anger, and screaming when releasing.Also this does not have to do with facial expressions but the way we act when angry is reckless which is what I tried to recreate in my collage.While creating my drafts I had a few ideas and tasks in mind,first one was to prioritize the mood “anger” in the piece. The next was to be abstract and creative.In the first collage I tried going for anger mostly through the eyebrows and on top, the mouth piece was to convey bubbling up anger.My second piece was where I tried to incorporate more ripping to the overall image, but I had trouble with movement (for most).The last draft I came up with had some elements that was asked of me but not fully. So I incorporated all of my drafts to reach my outcome.My hardest task was being creative whilst achieving movement,a proper grey scale , focal point and some uniqueness.

firstdraft seconddraft3rddraft