Project 3 Selfiemotion- step 3 Create Collage


The mood of all the collage are anger.

These two were created the same day so I was cautious on cutting up the face because I was afriad of messing up.

In this was trying to figure out how to express anger than just changing the eyebrows. My mouth has a bit of a smile so  tried to hind it up with mustaches. however I  this one I draw my a mouth grunting the teeth. The lines on the side of the face were so pose to be wrinkles you get when you streach the mouth long.

This final collage capture movement by showing that anger builds up and then eventually let the rage out like a volcano. If I thought of this soon I would’ve made it more exagguated.


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About Brianna

My name is Brianna Edwards. I'm in my first sophomore year in City Tech. I'm not sure on what I want to do yet but I'm thinking of being an illustrator. I've drawn on paper and digital media. I also want to tell my own story through drawings. I still feel like I have many things to learn so I'm looking forward to see how far I can go. I'm also interested in animation. I have never properly animated before but I've grown up on them and I can't just let them go. So I still watch them now.

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