My Literacy Sponsors

Dear Milton,

My literacy sponsors would be every teacher throughout my educational career. It has been a positive literacy sponsor for me, including the teacher who taught me English. My English teacher (Milton) aided in growing my writing and reading skills with different forms of literature, he opened my mind to the hugeness of the world, texts, opinions, cultures, and styles of thought that exist.  I learned about different types of religions, and I learned the opportunity to read sections of some religious texts for the first time. However, my teacher helped me to become more accepting and knowledgeable of other values, ideals, and expectations than what I had become literate in with the sponsorship of my parents. This has been an extremely healthy relationship between my sponsors and me.

Literacy Sponsors

Dear John

My literacy sponsors would be my family.My parents taught me a very valuable lesson which is to acknowledge and feel your feelings.
Avoiding your negative emotion may feel like an effective way to handle things but in fact it is not, all it’s doing is postponing your failure. Ignoring your emotions is like running away from something that’s on your shoulder. The only way to be truly free is to face the music and let it
consume you.I am very grateful for my family and hope they will never leave my side.

Literacy sponsors

Dear my friend,

Hi, I’m going to tell you about my literacy sponsors. My literacy sponsors are the first ESOL teacher and the last ESOL teacher.

The first ESOL teacher gave me a trauma of English writing, and then the last teacher helped me to overcome it.

As I told you, English is not my mother tongue. I am a person who is thinking too much when I write something in English such as words and grammars. I have barely written essays or letters in Korean, so writing is so hard and tough for me. I even do not know how I start to write.  

The first ESOL teacher was picky. Whenever I wrote some essays, I had to revise them again and again. I thought I did my best and I could not find errors in it, but that teacher found something. As these situations went on and on, I felt uncomfortable to write essays in English, and I just started to make basic grammar errors by mistake. Writing became a significant pressure for me.
Finally, I wrote off-topic writing in my final exam, so I got 0 grade. I had to take that course again.

After that, my test anxiety became a problem.

It happened when I was taking the last ESOL class. During the midterm, students had to write a time-limited essay. At that time, I was so anxious to write a piece for a particular time. I was starting to be sweaty and shake my hands and voice.
The teacher realized my status and said to me, ” Relax. It will be okay. I will give you more time to do it.”
Her words saved me. She let me finish the works, and we talked about my situation. I explained all the circumstances I have been suffering.

She suggested me to do practice tests for overcoming my test anxiety.
I tried to write it again and again throughout that semester. It helped me a lot to be a little bit comfortable with writing English. I have learned a lot. I was thankful to meet the teacher, and it was lucky for my life.

Thank you for listening to my story

from your friend

My Own Literacy Sponsors

Dear Leif

My literacy sponsor is my father, my father’s education only achieve primary school, hence, he doesn’t have good literacy. And than he always told me that I need try my best to learn, our familiy members only you have chance to learn literacy. Also, when you have a good literacy in future, you also would have more opportunity to find a better job. If you don’t have enough literacy, you wouldn’t understand what other people talking about, you couldn’t make a good communication. These words of my father encourage me to become a literate person, it both good for my future and good for my parents.

Literacy Sponsors/ “Dear Maria..”

Dear Maria,

My literacy sponsors would be my Mother and Grandmother because those are my main family members that I go to for any important intellectual facts or information. They are very wise because they’ve experienced a lot more than I did in life so far. I use them as guides and supports for me to be a better person. Without having a Father involved in my life at a young age was hard because back then was the time I needed him most. I had to ask my grandmother about some personal things in life especially the fact I had no male role model to speak to. My mother on the other hand told me straight forward on how life is and what things are expected to happen such as getting a job, going to school, and other important things. I’m thankful for my sponsors/role models because they taught me how to be a bigger person and a better man than my father was.

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