Online business

Online business can be a good platform and all kind of people can be benefitted from this But specifically young girl or boy who is trying to get some extra pocket money to maintain  their regular expenses  and also the women who stay at home parent and house wife. It can give them a new starting point which can lead to a career. To build a career in online business they need to know how to use internet and how to build an website to attracts buyers and also need to know how to use social media apps for example- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc because these apps helps to promote online business and helps to grow. They can also make some YouTube videos to promote their online business. Because advertisement is the expansion is the main motto of success Incase of online business. I want them to know this information by reading some magazines like People magazine,The New Yorker,Vogue, Vanity fair, Teen vogue and also they should watch some videos in YouTube. The reason behind choosing it are these are easily available and accessible for the people and also it gives a better knowledge about it. I want all the young creative people and women who are trying to start a career but due to lack of having proper support or investment, they couldn’t do it before but now they can start their own career without thinking twice.

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