Genres- Nour El-Refaey

One genre that I feel like I know and enjoy reading is fiction. I read countless amounts of fiction books growing up which has to be the main reason as to why I enjoy the genre so much. Common rhetorical features that come with fiction would mainly be imagery and illusion. Fiction books are based on the writers imagination. Things that can not happen in real life are usually portrayed in fiction novels. Fiction novels gives me the ability to write freely. When it comes to writing fiction has given me a certain style that I follow in order to make my piece of writing as strong as possible. Usually in a fiction novels, all the characters are introduced very briefly in order for the reader to not be confused on the rest of the novel. When it comes to my writing, I always give a brief introduction that really specifies to the reader what exactly I will be writing on for the rest of the piece. I never find a limit in writing, I feel like there is always a million things to speak on about one thing, whether it carries a specific trait or not is the simplest way to talk about a specific thing. Fiction has opened many doors for me in my everyday life, whether it is with writing or with trying to come up with a plan for my life.

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