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  1. Article 1:
    “PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is a multiplayer shooting game that is designed based on the movie Battle Royale produced in Japan, 2000. The movie depicts a story where a class of junior high school students are put into an island, and their way out is to kill everyone else. The creator of the game, Brendan Greene, first started the concept by making his own modification of the game DayZ, calling it DayZ: Battle Royale. ” -how it began

    Why it is popular:
    Forgiving learning curve, foolproof mechanism
    Randomization that is entertaining and fair
    Implementation of Free-to-play or microtransaction model
    Streamability, streaming is not just for fun but also a strong marketing tool
    Interpersonal interactions: the core element of multiplayer games

    Article 2:
    Why its popular:
    Winning matches in CS:GO, Halo and Call of Duty are largely determined by skill. If you’re better than the opponent, you’ll generally come out on top. With PUBG there are many variables that can affect victory. Loot drops are random, the initial spawn is random, the circle that contracts with each stage to restrict playable area is random. These are all out of players’ hands, requiring them to adapt and inject skill and experience to gain the upper hand. Still, even a veteran can lose to someone who only has a few hundred games under their belt.

    Article 3:
    Why it came:
    Other games challenged CoD, most notably DICE’s Battlefield series, but the basic outlines of these other games came to closely mirror CoD. How could they not? The sales numbers were there. Everybody wanted in on the action. And for ten long years, that has more or less been the state of the shooter scene.
    But a decade is a long time to hold the throne, and gamers were ready for a new style. For one thing, a whole generation was coming up that had never known anything else, and was ready for the next spin on the genre. For another, audiences get bored when they see too much of the same thing. Like, say, World War II shooters back in the early 2000s. Call of Duty was the franchise that saw the WWII exhaustion coming, and changed course. But this time around, Call of Duty is the course that the market wanted to turn from.
    Battle royale came at just the right time. It was the new direction everyone had been looking for.
    Enter battle royale, which by comparison, is dirt cheap. In fact, in the case of Fortnite, it’s entirely free. The game that defined the genre, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is ‘expensive’ at only $30 (though it’s free on mobile). Hey, is your friend on a new map? No additional charge. Brand-new content coming down the pipeline? No additional charge. Has it been another year? Not to worry: these developers will support the original game year after year, instead of releasing new titles to buy on an annual basis.
    Winning a battle royale match is really, really simple: just don’t die.
    You don’t need to score any points. You don’t need to capture a flag. You don’t even need to kill anybody. You could, technically, just sit in a corner and wind up the last person standing (or, in that case, sitting). Where other games only reward excellent reflexes and a deep command of strategy, battle royale’s style is simple enough that anybody can understand it, and even have a shot at taking home a chicken dinner.

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