Part 1:

Whenever I’m doing a research paper or if I’m just curious about something the first thing I use is google. For this assignment the topic I chose was the education should be free for everyone.

There are many different websites that had information about this topic. There was so many different options, and a lot of arguments regarding this situation. I prefer using google, it’s always my first option no matter what because there are so many links to choose from and there’s a large amount of options to pick from unlike Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a limited resource, while google has a wide variety of information. While using google I found alot of information about why college should be free for everyone. There was alot of information showing that the loans that students had to payback was having them in major dept. There was also a chart that I found that showed if college was 100% free no matter what, the amount of student would sky rocket and that more students would be interested in going to college.

– I always start with google because it’s something I’m used to and very familiar with, and there’s  a larger amount of information on google then Wikipedia.

– I followed many links, anything that i found interesting i read about and used. If the link looked boring and dull i just wouldn’t bother with it and i would just move on to the next link.

– I would mostly stay on a page for about 5-7 minutes depending on how interesting the link is. I try to be quick because i dont want to get stuck on one link, I wanna be able to see what other links may have just so I don’t miss any useful information.

– I decide weather the information is useful or not if it supports my argumentor or if it doesn’t. If it makes alot of sense of what my topic is about then I’ll use it if not I’ll just move on to the next.

Part 2:

1- How do you start research?

The way I start my research is by using google to be able to find information that I can use and learn more about.

2- Has anyone ever told you that you’re not allowed to use google/Wikipedia?

Yes, during high school there were specific assignments that we were only supposed to use readings that were given to us.

3- Are you more like Susan or Edward?

I’m more like susan because I prefer using google and the information that i find there.

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