Search Log:

  1. Searched “buying a violin” on Google because i’ve always used google and i felt comfortable doing it again knowing id find what i am looking for.
  2. Clicked on “” titled “Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Violin.” because i thought it might give me advice on what i need to look for depending on my needs.
  3. I did not stay on the page long as i only skimmed to look for keywords that would let me know i was on the right page. The page was good but didn’t give me enough information as i was hoping it would.
  4. 4. I went back to google and clicked on “” titled “5 Tips for Buying a Violin” hoping it would be a better link because it would go straight to the point rather than giving me a scenario with a backstory.
  5. 5. I stayed longer on this page as i was right because the page gave me all i needed quicky with accurate information that i would relate to. There was no excess information that i did not need and it got straight to the point.

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