Bad Idea Post

The chapter that we chose was “You can learn to write in general” By Elizabeth Wardle

This chapter problem was about that many people believe there is one way to express you’re ideas but in reality the a lot of many forms of writing and trying to express what you want to say.

According to the author, the idea that we can all learn to “write in general” is not just a harmless myth. It’s a dangerous idea that needs to die because it hurts students and frustrates teachers and employers. And writers who believe it are easily discouraged because they don’t know how to learn what they need to learn in new writing situations.

A better conception of writing is one in which we all remember our own experiences learning to write in different situations, and then apply that memory to our expectations of what we and others can achieve. A better notion of how writing works is one that recognizes that after learning scribal skills everything a writer does is impacted by the situation in which she is writing.

Karla M. & Oscar C.

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