Mike Rose’s piece

The rules is the first paragraph must engage the reader’s attention immediately. replacing rigid rules with flexible rules and plans, it can make people’s mind have more thought about writing rather than limit on one thing. It allows writers to freely use their imagination to create article or essay. In contrast, if limits writers on one way to create something, they wouldn’t elaborating their ideas, they always follow the rules of their writing teacher. Moreover, it also will decrease the interest for writing, because they might thought that writing is difficult and boring. the writer, Laurel most like me, because when I write some essay, I also use the ways  which my high school teacher taught me, such as a essay must have 5 paragraphs. It always confused me, it makes me feel that was only one way to write something, and others all are wrong. However, when I go to college, I knew there isn’t only one way, I can use my own thought to create something.

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