October 5, 2016

What’s needed for this class:

  1. Animated Mashup Prep
    • Find your scanned hi-res file for animation in this Dropbox folder.
    • Save to Dropbox and/or bring in on a drive.
  2. We will prep, animate and add audio to your digital mashup file. Come prepared to work.
  3. NOTE: If you didn’t finish your inked mashup, please see/contact me ASAP!

Lab: Animating and Adding Sound in Photoshop

PREP in Photoshop:

  • Open your scan file in Photoshop, rename and save it FirstInitalLastNameMashupPrep.psd. Make the following adjustments:
    • Image size: 72 dpi, 1028 wide x768 high
    • Color Mode: RGB
  • Using the rectangle marquee tool, cut (Command + X) and paste in place (Command + Shift + V) each pattern square on a new layer for use in your animation.

Add Sound and Animate:

  • We will be importing two pieces of music, one with staccato rhythm and one with legato rhythm: Summertime and Another One Bites the Dust. Download these files to your working folder or desktop.
  • Review the guidelines: Creating Timeline Animations
  • Follow the demo presented in class.
  • Save your file(s) to Dropbox, GDrive or flash


  1. Bring your completed Animation Mashup to the next class.
  2. We will export and upload to the class blog for critique.

Download PDF