October 5, 2016

What’s due for this class?

  1. DUE: Final inked version of your Pattern Mashup on a piece of 9″x12″ bristol board, based on your finalized preparatory compositions. Come prepared to present your work!
  2. Post to the blog.
    • Create a new blog post called Sound Visualizations: Phase 2.
    • Take photos of your finished Inked Pattern Mashup and add them to the post (make sure it is well-lit and in focus.)
    • Include the hours that you worked on this part of the project.
    • Don’t forget to comment on at least 3 other student’s posts.
  3. Materials needed: Flash/jump drive.


  • If you turned in your work on the date due you will find a comment and a grade in your post: Urban Artifacts: Phase 4.
  • If you turned in your work late, please confirm that you have posted your final blog post Urban Artifacts: Phase 4. Your grade will be posted shortly.
  • If you did not complete your final blog post Urban Artifacts: Phase 4, your project is incomplete and you will receive an F grade. Please see me.
  • Refer to the Project Rubric and grading policy “Understanding Your Grade.”
  • You have until Midterm to rework Project #1 and improve your grade.
  • If you have any concerns or questions, ask!


Present your finished inked mashups to the class.

  • Present and analyze your finished work in terms of concept, craft, what you learned, and the design process.
  • State your name, your understanding of the project goals (ie: what is the point?), which parts are successful and which parts need more work.
  • Your peers and the professor will provide feedback. You will have an opportunity to revise your work based on the feedback and improve your grade.
  • When critiquing other student’s work, clearly describe what works and what doesn’t work using the project vocabulary: Line, Rhythm, Repetition, Variety, Pattern, Unity, Grid, Rule of Thirds, Economy



Careers in Communication Design:

Lab: Scanning and preparing digital files


  • Create a folder on your drive called FirstInitalLastNameMashup
  • Scan your finished inked Pattern Mashup (300dpi, grayscale, jpg).
  • Save this hi-res file as FirstInitalLastNameMashupHIRES.jpg to the folder you just created.
  • Open your file in Photoshop, rename and save it FirstInitalLastNameMashupPrep.jpg and save it to the same folder. Make the following adjustments:
    • Image size: 72 dpi
    • Uncheck Resample
    • Color Mode: RGB

PREP in Photoshop:

  • Using the rectangle marquee tool, cut and paste each pattern square on a new layer for use in your animation.
  • We will do this together in class.
  • Save your files to your FirstInitalLastNameMashup folder.


  1. Complete Animated Mashup Prep
    • Find your scanned hi-res file for animation in this Dropbox folder.
    • Complete PREP in Photoshop. Save to Dropbox and/or drive.
  2. We will animate and add audio to your digital mashup file next class. Come prepared to work.
  3. NOTE: If you didn’t finish your inked mashup, please see/contact me ASAP!

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