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Sound Visualization : Phase 1

Right My Wrongs by Bryson Tiller contains a smooth, floetic melody along with an upbeat tempo.  Due to this rhythm, most of the sketch contains a variety of curves that flow amongst the page.  However, most of the lines were not always repeated as the song continued. As the rhythm became more upbeat, I began to form very close aligned lines that moved up and down to portray the beat of the song.

The artist, Bryson Tiller, describes his recognition of his faults in the relationship with a girl. He explains throughout the song that he never meant to put the girl in all the positions she was in. He basically is asking for a second chance and for forgiveness to gain another chance to prove himself to her.  The melody and lyrics of the song can influence the feeling of the artist onto you. This helps gain a better understanding of what is occurring.


Time : 2 hours


  1. Ely

    That was a good description of the song, but there was no link for me to hear the song.

  2. Val Bailon

    I really like how you went into so much detail with what you sketched !

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