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Urban Artifacts: Phase 4

This project helped greatly in my understanding of ambiguous and obvious work. Coming into this project, I didn’t know what ambiguous meant and now that I’ve finished this project, I can say this it was very great in helping my knowledge of it.  During phase one, I was still a bit confused about these terms. Going into phase two, I was able to experiment with Photoshop and further my knowledge of the project. I also learned by experimenting how I could work with positive and negative space to create the image I’m aiming for in a ambiguous or obvious composition.  The class discussion also helped greatly because I could see through the minds of others when looking at each other’s work. Overall I would say I have a lot of understanding of ambiguous and obvious figures than when I first started this project.


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  1. Jeremy

    I felt the same exact way. Trying to understand what the ambiguous figure-ground relationship was confusing at first too, but I got a better understanding of it once I used Photoshop more.

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