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Urban Artifacts: Phase 3


This phase of the project required a lot more work in my opinion because you had to be precise with the tracing and inking, which took very long for me. Comparing this phase and the last phase, I would say both helped me further my understanding of ambiguous and stable work since I spent hours inking and seeing how the objects were composed. On the other hand, filling it in with ink was very different than from working on photoshop. In photoshop I was able to work quicker but now that I had to spend time inking it, I was able to study more of it.


Work time: 2 hours


  1. Jeremy

    Inking was difficult for me too, since I was used to working on it on my laptop at home. Tracing also helped me to be more precise with the shape of the photos.

  2. Haley

    I like how you managed to make clear art from using random photos

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