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Urban Artifacts: Phase 4

while working in this project,I learn the definitions of ambiguous and stable. In which that they are the opposite of each other. While ambiguous is hard to tell which is the ground and which is the object. On the other hand, stable is when the object stands out. What I can do better is when choosing an artifact because like the gums was a pain when I start to do phase 2. It is difficult to cut out exactly the gums that was on the floor. In this project, I learn that the more time you spend on something, that the outcome will be better. Try to spend more time on the next project.


Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3


  1. Genique

    This project helped me also understand the terms ambiguous and stable.

  2. Jeremy

    Once I messed around with the tools in Photoshop, I got a better understanding what the difference between ambiguous and obvious figure-ground was. Even though I was satisfied with what I created, I thought I could’ve done a better job on my photos, if I spent a little more time on it.

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