COMD 1100 Project 3


In the first discover phase of this project, I took some hand portraits to get a sense of the contrast between black and white and grey.


In the second part of the project, I took a self portrait and posterized it using Adobe Photoshop to make the layers and values stand out more to prepare for the final outcome of my project.


In the final parts of the project, I painted the best that I could even though I was not too experience with painting. It had a similar feel to my posterized image. I then created a gif from the original to the posterized to the final.

1 thought on “COMD 1100 Project 3”

  1. I really like how detailed you made your value portrait look. Really made it feel almost 100% like the actual image except with paint. But I feel like it came out really well. And all the details painted in the face makes it better.

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