Project # 5 : Final Version

  1. Honestly, can not believe how fast this semester has flown by. College has been an interesting experience so far, as this was my first semester attending college I did not really know what to expect but I went through with it. This semester I have learned a variety of things. As it pertains to writing in general, I have learned that the details in a piece of writing really helps the reader understand exactly what the writing is about or what the writer is trying to convey. Without details or with only very little/minor details the reader can be left with many questions about what something means and how it relates back to the central statement or the connection between one thing and the rest of the writing. Not only that but it’s adds the element of fluidity or cohesiveness throughout each of the paragraphs/sections within the writing. Doing the glossary entries also helped me a little bit because sometimes just understanding one word in a sentence can really help you understand the message thats sentence is trying to convey. And can open your mind up to the possibility of the message the entire story is trying to get the reader to understand.

    Now, for what I learned about myself as a writer this semester; I would say that I have learned improved on my ability to relate different parts of my writing (details/body paragraphs) back to my thesis statement/central topic because at first I wasn’t really doing that well. For example for Project #2 where we were doing the interviews some of the feedback that was given back to me was that “the responses you give could be bolder, which would work more to catch a reader’a attention.” And that comment was adding on to a previous comment about how I could have made a clearer connection between the idea presented in my introduction and another part of the interview. To which I then looked over my work and realized what I could have structured and explained differently. As a college student I think that I have learned how to manage my time better in/out of school and be more appreciative of the opportunity that I have been given. The opportunity being me attending college because initiating after high school I just did not want to attend college. However, even though fight not I still feel as if college is not for me, I am thankful for being able to learn new things and I will be sure to make the most of my time here. There is a lot of people who want/are willing to attend college but they can’t do so because their financial stability limits them to what they can and can not do. And if I were to be here only complaining and not gaining something from the time I have here, it would make me an extremely ungrateful person.

As a design student I would say that I’ve learned and expanded upon what exactly I wanna do through the skills I learned in college. Or essentially dwelled deeper into what I wanted to do after I graduate college. At first the only thing I wanted to really do was create video games or be simply a graphic designer. However, now I would say while I do what do those things I wanna potentially use my designs and work (whether it be art, a product I make, writing etc…) and use that to inspire others or make a positive change in the world. Maybe even potentially own/ be a part of a company. As I venture through this college chapter in my life and I continue to develop new skills over the years I will use what I’ve learned to and the world of entertainment or should I say the entertainment industry something that is more widely appreciated. And something that when you hear about it has positive thoughts behind it. I want the designs, work or whatever I create to be a guide for others that anything they wanna do they can achieve.

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