Project #5

In the beginning of the school year this is what I had to say about my transition from high school to college:
“In my opinion the transition between high school and college hasn’t been that bad for me. It felt the same as transitioning from middle school to high school. First you look for your friends and see if you guys are in the same class, but sadly for me this is the first year I didn’t know anyone in my class and it felt a little awkward. I believe the best part for me is not having classes on Friday.  This allows me to catch up on homework and it also  counts as a three day weekend so I can Have an extra day to relax and rest up before I go back to school on Monday. Yet the hardest parts for me is the gaps I have between classes, the early mornings, and the somewhat late classes.  The gaps are the hardest for me because I have between a two and three hour gaps on Monday and Thursday and it’s like what to I do for that amount of time, do I go home? Do I stay and do work? Or do I take a nap? And it’s the somewhat late classes. On Monday and Thursday I get out at five but I don’t get home until six which is not that great especially in the winter because because it gets dark fast, plus I live in a semi dangerous neighborhood so my mother worries about me coming home by myself. Finally it’s the early mornings. Uggg I hate mornings. In order to get to class on time at eight I have to wake up at six and leave at seven (even though I live fifteen minutes away from the school), just to make sure that I get to class on time because the 57 bus is so unpredictable and crowded every morning (plus traffic). So this is how I feel about being a college student.”

Sadly I still kind of feel the same way but I have learned many things about myself as a student and a writer. Something I learned about myself as a writer is that handwritten drafts are not always the best. Throughout middle school and high school I have always handwritten my drafts a week before the final draft is due to get feedback from my teachers but I learned in college it’s not that simple. In college you can have class twice a week two days apart which is not enough time to hand write something so I learned to type a simple draft and then post it to receive comments on what I need to improve on.

Yet something I learned about myself as a design student is that I like painting more than I like drawing. As long as I can remember I have been really good at drawing especially cartoon characters and tattoos but I never really got into painting. Until I got into COMD class. When we did your portrait painting project I felt free and it was fun yet enjoyable plus a grade. That was a project I would be happy to do over and over again.

To me the glossary project was the hardest thing for me to do. Between keeping track of how many words I already did and making sure I have posted them every week I could not keep up. In my opinion the glossary should have been a project like our previous ones and not a weekly thing to make things simpler and easier to contribute to.

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