Project #4 Part 4

I choose to write an artist statement because it talks about the meaning and reasoning an artist came to when creating their work. Artist statements are made to be clear and concise, getting straight to the point without using too many fanciful words to confuse the intended audience. Most times Artist statements are short usually about 100 words or so, to keep the audience from losing interest and understanding the Artist’s process without them being there. The Artist Statement is considered as if not the most important part of an artist’s work since it helps the audience with the intended meaning of why the work was created.

While creating my work I used the software Adobe Photoshop for the general editing and look. The images I used were all pictures that I’ve taken over the years of my travels and adventures. They range from times exploring New York City to venturing off into Europe as well as other countries in the world. With these images alongside Photoshop, I used certain words to convey a feeling of inspiration to the public. I based all my images on the theme of Adventure so that those who see my work will be inspired to have their own adventure. Whether it be from the comforts of their neighborhood to the unknown places they have yet to experience from the world.

The process I went into starting the project was simply going through old pictures on my phone. I realized that I’ve seen and experienced only just a handful of what the world has to offer. From the vast beautiful landscapes, the awe-inspiring monuments to the different cultures and people. Seeing those pictures, I felt a sense of nostalgia making it feel as if I was back where I took them and a sense of adventure to go out to take new pictures much like the ones I rediscovered.

Artist Statements have a variety of intended audiences which can range from a gallery dealer, curator, or the general public. In my case, my intended audience is focused on the general public to mainly instill an inspired sense of adventure to create their own memories. Through my work, the public can see the wonder of simply exploring whether it be familiar or the unknown. Taking time out of your day to live in the moment and experience the now, that’s what I want people to take away from my work.

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