Designer Statement

Designer Statement

According to FIT state university of New York the article called “Artist and Design Philosophy”. The article gives the reader a summary of what a designer statement is in the case they give us examples of what can be written within a designer statement, and why a designer would include one in a piece of their work. For example a designer statement can be written about the designers process or its intentions within the message of the art piece. In this article they also provided examples in where you would need to include a designer statement such as competitions or museums. They have also provided the reader several of questions they can answer if they are having difficulty trying to write a designer statement (like a guide)

Example 1

In the Museum of arts and design there is a piece of artwork called ” the eye’s level”, and on the website there is a description (About the work ) of Anne Lindberg’s piece of work along with an image. The description talks about the material being used to create it and the process itself. It also talks about the goal that is intended for the viewer to reach, and also talks how well thought out she planned this work

Example 2

This is an article of an example of a Designer statement. Its very similar to and artist statement, this article gives the reader an idea on how it would look in a museum, it gives various examples of different designer statements. The designers can talk about there personal lives and how their process went, and provides images of their personal life

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