Juxtaposition Project

This is a perfect example to represent juxtaposition. The juxtaposition here shows two buildings made in different years. The building on the left looks a little bit old meanwhile the building on the right looks newer. The contrast between these two buildings is totally different. The building on the left has more colors and the windows are more geometric but old. On the other hand, the building on the right has a solid grey color. The windows are skinnier and much taller than the building on the left. Also, the materials were made differently. As you can see the building on the left is made out of brick and the building on the right is made out of a different wall.

To reach this area from City Tech, walk up to Jay St. It is extremely near the Jay St MetroTech station/Starbucks. This location is also across the Kings County Family Court. The right building is New York University Tandon School of Engineering. It used to be another building, however, NYU bought it in the year 2014. It was not very long ago. Way before NYU bought the building it was called Brooklyn Collegiate and Polytechnic Institute. This college was made in the year 1854. If you’re curious about the history of this college click here.

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