Juxtaposition project

The way to get here is exactly 4 minutes away from city tech , all you must do is exit through the tillary st exit and make a right walking down and then take a left crossing the street towards McLaughlin park , after you want to keep walking upwards to city tech’s midway building and look across the street and you’ve made it.

This juxtaposition here is by how the old church building is near the new modern building. The contrast is shown by how the church has an old and religious architecture by how the dome and cross is in top with an statue on the middle. Meanwhile the modernization building which might be for living or working offices has many large windows and is much more if a flat surface building with a stacking type of structure on top.


1 thought on “Juxtaposition project”

  1. I love the differences you can find looking at these two building, and how the sun gives you more to talk about! But I recommend looking at the two buildings carefully when it’s not too sunny also, since there are some details you might miss in the oversaturation of light. It could be worth exploring this juxtaposition in different lighting (time of day, weather, etc).

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