Pattern Mashup


The song I chose to use for this project was “Ransom” by Lil Tecca. Reason for choosing this song was because I liked the vibes that the song gave off and it was just a calm feeling and always got me hype for some reason. And once I found what song I wanted to use I started creating shapes and patterns that reminded me of the subtle but repeating beat throughout the song. As well as , the small increments of the added bass throughout.


These are the 6 sketches that I chose to refine because I felt as if these catered most to what I hear(visually) as I listen to the song. For example the picture in the bottom left shows the beat as the beat goes “doo, dooo, doooo” as in a small note, to a higher one and a higher one after that, drops then repeats which is why I drew those spikes I guess you could call them.


And this is how the final project came out. I wanted to add some more inking to some more parts of the drawing but I could not find my inking pens in time. And looking at it now I don’t think I would’ve inked everything because I feel as if the contrast between the patterns is great. But I do wish I could’ve added more.


2 thoughts on “Pattern Mashup”

  1. If you had finished inking it, it would of looked real cool but also that maybe you could of played with the patterns just a bit more because it would of made it more attracting to the eye or more focused on a particular spot in the mashup.

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