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Joel Placido is a creative person who looks at things from different perspectives in order to understand the  multiple focal points . Planning is always his first move whenever it comes down to a great idea. Is now attending City tech college as a Comd student to pursue on his interest in design.


My Avatar is a sunset that I took a picture of. Sunsets are very beautiful to look at and set a nice mellow vibe; at times when viewing a sunset it helps me clear my mind off things. I chose the sunset because I’m a calm person that just likes to relax at times and that’s what I can relate to the vibe I get from a sunset. The blue and orange skies complement each other well, since they’re complimentary colors. lastly the buildings give off a nice unified structure with the dark shadows creating that contrast.


Q: why did you choose comd as your major?

A: I chose Comd as my major because I wanted to experience more techniques for art, also for being based on Graphic design. All my other skills are Painting, paintings such as acrylic on canvas. Subject could be about anything. Secondly illustration, because  sketching with graphite is simple by having that greyscale. Lastly photography ,being able to take pictures from different angles/lighting. Therefore I want to expand my creative skillset, therefore to apply it to future jobs or projects. Another factor is that communication is a big part meaning teamwork is involved by students giving each other constructive criticism. This makes the students grow as better artists because of the feedback.


Q: what are your expectations of being in comd major in your first year?

A: I expect to create as many projects as I can before the semester ends , my plan for this would be to write down the deadlines and work precisely on projects day by day inorder to notice mistakes or what can be added because every project will come with it’s  challenges  and topic. Getting taught new skills to therefore boost my creativity and I could carry it with me along with me to apply it to future projects. Lastly to learn the importance of and reason of how design works and it’s impact to the world. My plan for this is to intake new lessons and information given in the class.


Q: can you see yourself doing anything else?

A: To be honest yes, because in do have a sense of other art fields like illustration and photography . So with in the illustration field I can sketch up landscapes or portraits and even designs: while having done that I could find a way in order to to sell my work to people. In come cases  clients might seek something with color , therefore makes me want to create paintings as well , but it all starts with a sketch. Next with photography , I like to take pictures of anything (portraits, landscapes) and in specifically I work with capturing different angles I  can think of  so my pictures  won’t become repetitive. With this I can setup business cards and hand them out or leave them in public areas for people to notice.


Q: what are your past graphic design experiences?

A: Back in highschool, while sophomore year I was given a tech class. In that class;  Adobe illustrator and photoshop was taught. Each week would be a new lesson and specific tool to be used. One of the lessons was to remove the wrinkles off people’s faces and I remember the tool that  was used was the healing brush tool , which makes something more smoother and blended. So as I used that tool on the the wrinkles they started to disappear because it fixed the image imperfection by blending. Another thing I was introduced to was rgb, which is red,green,and blue light which together creates the full spectrum of colors.

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