What is your avatar and how does it represent you?

My avatar is a amazing picture of me on January 21, 2019 in my English class in my old High School (Brooklyn Prep). I put this picture as my avatar because I like how I look and this is how I want people on OpenLab to see me. When people see my work I want them to also see my looks and relate them to each other. I want to leave a mark and stand out. When I post on the Learning Community or on the Visual Library, I always post my best work. It is a good thing for other students to get to know me and see my skills.  Every image that I post is fulled with insight, and creativity. It is important that people see my Beauty and Brains. I took this picture on a app called Snap Chat. In the picture I showed you a stunning black young lady who wears glasses and has straight hair. This picture is edited with a built in filter and flowers falling from the sky. I did this to not only look nice but because of the effects and because of how my eyes moved across the picture.

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