Project #2


Photo taken by Josh H

Joshi Hiralall

Joshi Hiralall is a design student, currently studying in New York College of Technology. Joshi always had to keen eye for art but he most often, drifted towards Photography. He grew up in a household with no siblings, no pets, no neighbors his own age, so Joshi had to keep his mind occupied with something. Now his parents were not the most art forward type of people but that never stopped Joshi to find his passion of drawing and photography. Now in current time Joshi is a CommD major, trying to gain the knowledge his needs to reach his career that he so wants. A career being a Professional Photographer and traveling the world to learn different art styles and sharing the knowledge.

Drawing by GuangYuan YU


My avatar is abstract drawing,  drawn by GuangYuan YU a Chinese artist. Now I chose this drawing to be my avatar because it has two meaning that I want people to get. One is the art style, abstract art is hands down my favorite art style. The uses of color and shape to create this ambiguous sense in this piece. Also the sense of thought to bring animals into the world, or city in this drawing in a fictional way. I really look up to people that drawing in this fantasy, fictional, abstract way. Second meaning is how this art, abstract art perfectly describes how I think and my thinking process, its all my ideas coming at the same time and gets mashed up together to create a abstract mind.

What is my dream job in the field of design?

My dream job in the field of design is photography because I love pictures and the art of taking the perfect picture. As well as filmography, which I would like to think of the next step of photography. Also the advertisement, marketing aspect of design so I can learn to entices people with my pictures and learn to sell my prints to the people that love and respect my craft. I would want to become a landscape and an portrait photography because I want to travel and meet new interesting people along the way. As for the filmography part I was thinking about starting with commercials for companies and then advance into visual effects for movies. Here’s where the marketing, advertisement side comes into play as I’m working with companies with larger projects. I have been thinking about sound design too but Im going to take it one step at a time.

What are some things you wish to accomplish as a designer?

As a designer I wish to accomplish a bunch of things, things as of right now and things as of in the future. Accomplishments I wish to make right now is to gain knowledge from different sources. Gaining knowledge from professors, classes, friends, people that have been working in the field for a while now. Also self knowledgement, going online and taking notes off the resources of the web. Going up to people that are doing what I want to in the future and asking for advice, that is probably my favorite way of getting information on my career and the field work involving that career. Then the other way which is just going to my classes that help me develop my skills in my design career.

How do you intend to use your skillset you learn, to influence your community?

My skillset that I will learn as a design major will help me to influence my community in a variety of ways. I can share my ideas to the community and help people expand their creativity. My skills will help by creating new pathways for people new into design and need a push for idea making processes. Also taking pictures and sharing my idea process can help people understand the thoughts that go through my mind when completing or starting a new project at work.

What is your motivation as a design student?

My motivation as a design student is everything and anything that makes me feel free and happy. Could be out with friends in the city, just relaxing and talking about life or I could just be out on a walk in the park by myself. Anything that puts me in my happy place or a sense of peace. This place is where my creativity comes in fruition and my idea are taken place.

Another Drawing by GuangYuan YU


2 thoughts on “Project #2”

  1. Hey Josh! You’re a very talented photographer. I think you have a lot of potential. You always post some incredible pictures to the visual library. Keep working hard!

  2. Hey Josh, I think you traveling the world to learn different art styles and sharing that knowledge is an amazing idea. Traveling is such an mind-opening experience and spreading what you learn to others helps everyone move forward together.

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