Curious Artifacts

This is my mind map. These are most of the things that I’m curious about. I wrote down what made me curious and then I went from there.

These are my first sketches. The first one represents technology. It is a Venn diagram and it shows that we have evolved enough in technology to be able to use this diagram. The second one represents people. People drive my curiosity because of the stuff we do everyday and other things. Why do we do the things we want to do and why do we have different eye colors. The last one represents nature.This is my finished artwork. I think I messed up a little but I’m glad that I learned how to do this. It was a fun project to do


2 thoughts on “Curious Artifacts”

  1. Some things you need to improve on would be the Venn diagram and the eye for both of your ambiguous figures. Maybe for the venn diagram and the big eye you could draw more so it looks more ambiguous.

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