Project #2 First Draft

Question 1: What is your dream job in the field of design?

Answer: My Dream Job in this field of design would probably be in the world of Marketing and Advertising. Also designing everything we might see in our future and working with top name brands. I also want to be a designer in terms of music/music creation and composition. I am a huge music guy and I see my future being heavily involved in the industry. I see myself on the billboard charts, on stage winning awards someday with a great label behind me or even my own label, with a BFA in hand to tackle all types of other careers if thats what I need to do.

Question 2: How is the community in your major?

Answer: The community in my major, Communication Design, is fairly quiet, well at least for now as freshmen. However, everyone is pretty nice so far and friendly, mostly supportive. In my opinion, I feel like people in my major should speak way more and socialize with others to a greater extent, I mean, we are COMMUNICATION Design after all and a major part of our careers or having a successful career in anything is communication with people and your social skills. Personality really changes your outcome in your life in so many ways. People are really shy in this major and don’t really know how to speak up, or even talk to people which I feel should change. We are the future of this world, the future designers, entertainers, and the people who will shape the world and everything that’s around us through our creativity. I urge people to massively break out their shells and be the best people person you can be. Communication, social skills, and spectacular personality are highly important especially as an “artist” of any kind.

Question 3: What are you passionate about?

Answer: I’m highly passionate about music. I’m a music artist, Hip-Hop/RnB. I have been doing music for more than 5 years now, and aspire to be a great artist in the music industry. I love creating music, and I record songs at home almost every single day. I actually just dropped a new single today on all platforms, a song called “Eastside” available now. (9/13/19) I love creating all types of songs and being there for the people and the fans. I feel like I can be a great leader and role model and create an impact on this world.

Question 4: Why did you choose this major (COMD)?

Answer: I chose this major because I wanted to expand my creativity in every way possible and become an artist in many forms. I want to grow my skillset and use it to change the world and also use the skills I learn and implement it within my music. I want to show the world what I got and create spectacular things. I want to create. I am a creator, an artist, an innovator of all sorts. I grew up around art and music all my life and I want to create massive success out of it. I know with my vision, ideas and imagination, I can impact this world in so many ways. Use my skills and combine everything I have ever learned and all art forms into one to make something incredible.

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  1. You’re a very artistic and creative person, you and I share the same personality in a sense. The sky is the limit, just continue to peruse your dream in a music or design career, even better both.

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