assignment 2-kami

My 1st two weeks at Citytech were mostly transitional for me. When I say transitional, I mean like I’m just getting used to the everyday flow and lifestyle of college. I was also getting accustomed to all the classes I registered for this past summer. So far none of them have really given me any type of trouble except for Typography and Drawing. Typography in particular is difficult to read. The professor says we have to be creative in our assignments yet follow his directions to pretty much the most specific of details. It’s really confusing. Drawing is more enjoyable in this respect, however, the amount of equipment I have to get for the class is insane. You have to buy multiple types of paper, pencils of different sizes, a measuring tool, and a knife (no we actually have to get an XACTO knife, from where I don’t know). Math and English are fairly easy as I don’t get that many assignments and I don’t need that many supplies for them. Some other things that I had to do were get a new ID, the school’s Wi-Fi, and get information about the clubs and resources available to me during my 4 year stay on this campus. I also had to get settled in with ASAP so that I could take advantage of the benefits they offered such as free MetroCards and textbooks for reduced prices. All they ask for in return is that I pass my classes (which was my plan before I even got here).  So, for the most part my experience here was bit hectic because of the sudden rush of college life but I feel once I get used to it, I’ll be just fine.

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