Beginning Project #2: Brainstorming Interview Questions

If you were asked to participate in an interview about being a 1st year design student for a COMD publication, or for Eye on Design-AIGA, what questions would you want to be asked?

  • what catches your eye when looking at other people’s work?
  • what is your dream job in the field of design
  • what other skills do you want to learn in this program?
  • how is the community in your major?
  • what is the schoolwork like in your coursework?
  • what in the class draws your attention?
  • where do you think the future of design will take you?
  • why did you choose this major (COMD) as a design student?
  • within COMD, which track would you want to pursue?
  • what were some of the difficulties you encountered in your first semester and how did you overcome them?
  • why did you choose this major (COMD)?
  • how do you intend to grow as a designer with this program?
  • what are some of the things you wish to accomplish as a designer?
  • what influenced you toward this major? (eg in your childhood)
  • how do you intend to use the skill set you learn to influence your community?
  • why would you choose Graphic Design out of all the majors?
  • what are your past graphic design experiences?
  • do you prefer working by yourself or in a group environment?
  • do you think your background affects your design?
  • what is your motivation (eg creative expression) in graphic design?
  • what are some things you like to design?
  • what are your expectations of being a COMD major in your first year?
  • what outside activities do you participate in that led you here?
  • what job do you desire after this?
  • what are your favorite COMD classes?
  • what are some difficulties you face in COMD?
  • can you see yourself doing anything else?
  • who is a role model you look up to in this field?
  • what design work inspires you?
  • what are you passionate about?
  • where do you see yourself in 5? 10? 15? years
  • what is your personal aesthetic? what is your aesthetic sensibility? what is your design aesthetic?

For homework, respond to my homework post with a comment answering one of the above questions, and commenting on two others.


28 thoughts on “Beginning Project #2: Brainstorming Interview Questions”

  1. Question: How is the community in your major?
    Answer: The community in my major, Communication Design, is fairly quiet, well at least for now as freshmen. However, everyone is pretty nice so far and friendly, mostly supportive. In my opinion, I feel like people in my major should speak way more and socialize with others to a greater extent, I mean, we are COMMUNICATION Design after all and a major part of our careers or having a successful career in anything is communication with people and your social skills. Personality really changes your outcome in your life in so many ways. People are really shy in this major and don’t really know how to speak up, or even talk to people which I feel should change. We are the future of this world, the future designers, entertainers, and the people who will shape the world and everything that’s around us through our creativity. I urge people to massively break out their shells and be the best people person you can be. Communication, social skills, and spectacular personality are highly important especially as an “artist” of any kind.

    1. That is true. I do believe that a key component of the major is communication. It’s just some people (like myself) are just naturally introverted. Now we can be extroverted as well it’s just gonna take some getting used to

    2. I totally agree, i feel like people like myself who are kind of quiet, or stays to themselves should be more active, have a bigger voice. Because being a designer you have to be able to express your ideas to a wide range of clients, or peers. That’s just something that will naturally grow as the semster moves on.

  2. Question: what are your favorite COMD classes?

    Answer:Well so far I only have one favorite communication design class. Which is strange because I never had a favorite class before in any of my other grades. My favorite class so far this semester is Raster and Vector Graphics. This is my favorite class because we are creating things on the computer that I did not know we could. For example just this week for homework we made a collage of our favorite season by picking a background and adding layers of pictures on top of it to make it look like it’s one big picture. We also learned how to use a brush tool which basically blurred out the part of the picture we did not want to see anymore which is what I found extremely cool. Plus the people (students) in the class are extremely helpful when someone does not understand what the teacher said or what is the next step after they finished the first step. This is why is is my favorite class.

  3. Question: Why would you choose Graphic Design out of all the majors?

    I specifically chose Graphic Design out of all the majors I can choose is because there’s a lot you can do other than designing in this field. You could be a web/app designer, video editor, photojournalist, advertising…etc. The path I’m into when it comes to Graphic Design would be Advertising.

    A little backstory in high school. I was in a photography class and we had to do a project based on “advertising” in which we have to choose a product of what we’re advertising about and make it an advertisement. We had to include all sorts of advertising techniques such as slogan, a catchy headline, the product..etc. My teacher, on the other hand, he loved my advertisement. He says he would want to buy the product but it doesn’t fit his style at all. And that is the reason why I’m into Advertising.

  4. why did you choose this major (COMD) as a design student?

    Since early high school I started to play with different photoshop programs and experiment with different aspects of it. When I found out it was a job profession that’s when I decided I wanted to be a Graphic Designer.

    1. Same for me. In High School, I took 2 years of graphic design and that’s when I started to get into designing and I started familiarizing myself with the program.

    2. I remember doing photoshop programs or creating logos for objects in which we would use in our daily life which revolved in high school for one class and an after school program that involved our creativity with technology and photography.

  5. Question :Do you prefer working by yourself or in a group environment?

    I actually like working in a group environment. As long as every individual in that group participates as well . I find working in a group a good way to come up with new and improved ideas . It’s a good way to receive feedback from others and having support as a team . There’s also some moments in which it’ll be best to work alone . It’s more of a personal opinion .

    1. I agree with you. Working in a group environment is better than working alone. You get to share idea’s with your groupmates and you guys can comment on and give feedback to each other’s work.

    2. I agree with you, I think that working in a group where everyone is responsible and organized makes it easy for us as artists to express ourselves better.

    3. I also like working in a group environment, cause I believe that it’s a great way to expand your views with everyone else’s perspective. It’s helpful to have people with a variety of skills to aid others when they are lacking in abilities.

    4. I agree with you on how it’s a personal opinion. Also how working in group is always good since everyone can brainstorm big ideas than just doing the brainstorming as just one individual in no group at all.

  6. Question : Do you prefer working by yourself or in a group environment ?

    Answer : I would say a little bit of both. I like working by myself because it lets me express my creative ideas without having other ideas mount up over it. And i like working in a group because when i see, i learn. Collaborating is just a great opportunity for me to learn tips or skills so i can perfect my craft.

  7. Question: What catches your eye when looking at other people’s work

    Answer: What catches my eye when I’m looking at other people’s work is the unique things they can come up with. If the drawing has color, then the colors catch my eye too

  8. Question: Who is a role model you look up to in this field?

    A role model I look up to in this field is Paula Scher, one of the most influential graphic designers in the world. I watched a documentary on Netflix about designers, and I saw some of Scher’s most known projects. She always found a way to grab her audience’s attention with her work by combining pop culture with typography and contemporary art. This was back when designer’s didn’t use those elements that much in their work. Another thing that I admired about Scher is the fact that she has become very successful in a male-dominated industry, and I want to follow in her footsteps one day.

  9. Question: How do you intend to grow as a designer with this program?

    As a designer, my goal is to learn as much as I can. I think that being part of this program makes it easier for me to choose the right path, especially one that fits me because even though I want to become a graphic designer; this program offers a lot of courses that help me understand what it means to be an artist and the effects that art has on the world. I want to grow as a designer to the point where I can influence people in my community and all over the world.

  10. Question: Why did you choose this major (COMD)?

    I choose COMD because out of all the majors offered at City Tech, Communication Design just felt right for me. Throughout my high school career, I passed all of the usual classes such as English, Maths, History, and Science. I managed to get into the advanced level math classes, even though I was pretty decent in these subjects I didn’t feel like pursuing them in college was for me. It wasn’t until my senior year of high school when I had four art classes that I realized pursuing design was what I wanted to do. Whenever I was in the art room in my school, I truly felt like I was on the right path of becoming the real me. Being able to just create feels amazing to me, the process of taking a blank space and letting my imagination run wild was all the reason I needed to choose COMD as my major.

  11. Question: Within COMD, which track would you want to pursue?

    Answer: Within COMD, the track that I want to peruse is graphic design and animation. I want to pursue this track because I have an interest in the creation and design of a character of something related or anime or games. I can then use that character design that I created and bring it to life through animation skills which I can hopefully learn in the future and apply it to my work. Another reason why I want to pursue this track is because I have seen videos of how people create such designs and influences me to expand my curiosity and be more creative in my own designs to make it appealing and draws in people’s interest. Perusing this track can also lead me to hopefully find a job with my interest and something I genuinely enjoy doing for the rest of my life.

  12. Question: what were some of the difficulties you encountered in your first semester and how did you overcome them?
    Answer: Even though I was lost to look for my classes around the building I made sure to to explore everywhere just in case something ever happens the first week of college and I’ll know where to go and seek help or assistance. Sometimes I would be lost in class in which I would try to seek my professor’s help after class to verify what the class was about but sometimes it was hard for me to seek help since I wouldn’t know how to speak to the professor or I would expect the professor to seem upset since I didn’t hand a work on time. I will work hard to make time to do everything even if its late, because in college you can’t make an excuse and still not do anything to at least get some grade for the semester.

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