Mike Rose’s piece

Some rules for writing may include having a good hook to captivate the audience and another is to have good grammar/punctuation.Another rule that I strive for is to know what the audience wants.Some things that make it hard to write is not knowing where to start  and not knowing how to end the story.

Mike Ross points out how students can be so caught up in what they’re supposed to write, but never actually get to writing because they have no idea where to start because of all the rules given from different teachers.I agree that writing strategies can sometimes hinder the writing process for students because I have also had prior experience with this. Even now, writing this blog, I am getting writer’s block. I’m more worried about what should go into my essay then actually writing it. Writer’s block is not the end of the world, students and myself need to just learn how to step out of our minds for a few seconds.

Kevin Thai goals

Hello, this is my second semester in city tech and I am really excited to be apart of this school.My goals for this year is to learn as much as possible and to be a better version of yourself.I strive to get good grades and in order to do so I have to be the best version of myself.I want to absorb everything that I learned in this class and put it to greater uses such as writing,reading and creative writing.

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I chose this image because life can be hard and with a smile everything can be solved.