Reflection and Revision

Things I should try to do when revising my draft

1- I tend to get very repetitive so I have to learn how to remove that from my writing when I’m revising my essay.

2- Add more details about the topic that I’m discussing because sometimes I tend to go off topic and then the reader gets really lost.

3- While revising my draft I have to work on removing all grammer mistakes.

Bad Ideas

The chapter I chose was “Good Writers Always Follow My Rules”

The author in this chapter is describing how many writers tend to get frustrated with rules that they follow that aren’t necessarily rules.The bad idea that is mentioned in this chapter is that while you’re writing you’re draft, never edit it while writing just keep going and wait until you’ve completed the draft.

The author says it’s a bad idea to edit before the draft is done because you need to have a plan, get all the research you need, write it from beginning to end, then once its finished revise it and move on.

The better idea is to just write and not to think about any mistakes that you might have made, you need to keep in mind that it’s just a draft and you should just focuse on the writing and not the mistakes.

Jawad’s goals

I chose this image because it shows someone’s journey thats just getting started 
My goals in college are for me to accomplish everything that I know I can conquer and to make everyone who believes in me proud and to have a better understanding of what my future has in store for me. My goals are for me to be able to take everything my professors give me and use it towards deciding what I want to do in the future. After college my goals are for me to be able to find what I came looking for.

Literacy sponsors

dear Mrs sherwood

My literacy sponsor would be my english teacher from my junior year of high school. Throughout that year i had gotten myself in a lot of trouble with a numerous amount of teachers. Through all the incidents I got in trouble with she was the one teacher that always tried helping me get out of the trouble I was in. The reason for that was because she believed in me and knew that i had potential of getting grades that would exceed many others teachers expectation that they had for me. Mrs sherwwod was a very positive teacher and made my English class experience with her the greatest class i ever took. She helped me develop my writing in many ways and always wanted to help me improve. She made class very interesting, her way of teaching could make anyone intrested and excited about writing. She was a major part of my success and development that year, and helped me become a more confident writer.