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Second Research Proposal

The second research proposal the topic will be about the damage that many homosexuals face within our society. Not only that there is harassment when homosexuals walk down the streets it doesn’t only happen there but also in homes , schools and jobs. The way how society treat other human beings is absurd. The damages that are left on homosexuals leave some physical and psychological effect. These harsh words and mistreatment leads to death,depression,being a social outcast,sever condition and maybe even suicide. There is a lot of cases about this even though most people don’t see it through their eyes or they are just being plain ignorant. This a serious thing when we outcast someone for being themselves and not fully understanding the way human are.It start out as little comments , jokes , and teasing from others. In the article its about a boy name Michael who is 16 years old who suffers because people mistreat him about his sexuality. Everyone would treat him different. Michael would notice that his boyfriend didn’t have to suffer as much as he did . Michael actually spoke to a adult which was his teacher but little did she helped. Nothing changed about it because she acted as if everything is normal about it. She thought it was just a playful game that happens in the playground. It is sad to think that even an adult think it is acceptable for these types of actions to occur. No action has happened to the harassment to this boy was taken. Now put yourself in his shoes all the damages was that taken to endure all this pain. Some people sees “homosexuality” as a problem.


Same-sex marriage :The Pursuit of Happiness

My research paper topic is going to be about how homosexual wanted to be happy with the same gender but society don’t  them.My topic is going to be about this because the happiness of a human being is being stop because they want to get married with the same gender but society doesn’t  that  .How these people just wanted to be happy being themselves and with the person they truly like and love.In society , at least in the United states which we have the right to persuade happiness had denied the laws for same sex marriage without having any concern for the well-being of the homosexuals.In the past, people whose sexual orientation was different than others had sacrificed their happiness in order to fit in society by being with and even marrying someone of the opposite gender and became depressed.I would like to write different ideas like how homosexuals are obligated to pretend they are what society wants them to be and how physical  and mental damages about them.Also another idea is to write about how all people should be able to express who they are .


Pre-Draft Essay thesis

what does Happiness fulfill for us?Happiness can mean different things and different people experience happiness in many ways.Happiness have always been a big part of people lives along with hope .It became a huge factor in society .Happiness cannot be brought by money ,possessions like a car,jewelry or name brand clothes .In the article “how to buy happiness” by Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton , doing the little things with people it make a difference of happiness .Even spending money  on others it provide an boost In moral . Like the article says How we use our money may matter as much or more then how much of it we got.So get up and make yourself happy instead of waiting around for it to get to you .So what make you happy ?

How to buy happiness what good is money if It can’t buy happiness ? By Sonja lyubomirsky

In the article How to buy happiness what good is money of it can’t buy happiness ? By Sonja lyubomirsky says that money isn’t about how much we posse money but how we spend Money in our daily lives .Money doesn’t only give us opportunities to have luxuries or conveniences . Money can afford me better respect and status . More time , more money either way , we can afford to access health care and nutrition even greater security and control . Just because money bring us happiness doesn’t mean that goes well for everyone .
so instead of people spending money on their selves . People should spent it more on others .I really don’t agree with this in a way I do but then again I don’t .Even having all that money couldn’t clearly make a person happy because yes you can buy yourself
a new house or a car but the fact that all that money is spend all on yourself make you feel lonely .I personally don’t think money is happiness I mean money get you the things you want but what guarantee you have that will bring you happiness (?) .Happiness come from having someone close to you to spend time with and make new memories and experiences. It is better to have a connection with someone one rather to stay alone .Happiness ; you just can’t buy it but it takes a lot of effort to make the best of things .
Happiness cannot be brought but given .Its is better to make people smile and make a experience rather than being alone .Happiness isn’t about money but the way how you use it depends on you .Money just come and go. Experiences bring out happiness because you make them while you doing the things you love.But money can have the ability to make you closer to love ones.Happiness comes in different forms.

How Happy Are You ? A Census Wants to know . Summary/Response. : Katiria Altruz

The article “How happy Are You ? A Census Want to know by John Tierney is about a city named smoverville. It’s a city where they had to fill out a census form so the government can know how happy they are .So this census was based on the question “How happy do you feel right now ?” which the people from somerville had to answered from a scale to 1 to 10.The government want Somerville to be the first city in the U.s to keep records of people’s happiness.Beside promoting things that only can they sell , they want to promote happiness for everyone .But some don’t think that happiness should not be promoted by the politicians like the psychologist and economists because happiness can be right but its not the same as writing it or saying it on a questionnaire.Since more than 7,500 people have mailed back the survey , some of them did not clearly answered the questions on municipal concerns.Most people aren’t satisfied even if the questionnaire  was supposed to help but it didn’t they still trying to find a way to make people happy.

Everyone has something that make them happy so no one knows what truly make someone happy because it can change any moment or anytime.Happiness cannot be measured because they cant go by what the people fell that they want , instead they should see in what they need .Not everyone the same so of course there are going to be people who won’t give their opinion  because everyone thinks differently or do things for themselves .The survey shouldn’t be based on a person mood at the moment because the information that they had might get lower and might not help the people be happy at all .The kind of things that would be important in a well-being is happiness , life satisfaction ,fulfillment , families , and the role of parenting.Its unmeasurable because those things people do for a living and its things that matter most to them.some people don’t want to be part of the community  because they want to do things on their own and work hard for the things that they need and want.Being in a community is a big thing you have to help others and be a part of them.

Happiness cant be promoted because everyone has a different ways of being happy. Happiness cannot be measured because only the person can decided what make them happy and no one else.The government shouldn’t be promoting or measuring happiness because they wouldn’t know what people would want or feel because it takes a lot of effort and time .Happiness cannot be brought or maintain because its like the weather it comes and go . It very unexpected .For others happiness is just having the company of others like family or friends or playing your favorite video game .The kind of things important for your well being is having good company , love from the one who are close to you , good mental state , having a balance diet and living stress free.

Katiria’s Introduction

Hello Everyone. My name is Katiria altruz. I am 19 years old . I’m Puerto rican. I’m the oldest out of three children .I enjoy writing because I can write down my thoughts and my ideas better on paper and my thoughts goes wild .My way of thinking can never be understood.I love anime and manga so much. I would recommend people to read or watch it . Its pretty amazing .I mean im a very nice person its just that i really don’t  like talking to people a lot , i got use to being alone.

My First experience in city tech was for remedial class in the summer.It was okay But i got lost along the way.I did make one friend at least but thats all i made because i would sit by myself in the back doing my work.I usually try to keep to myself at times.The first being in a college building made me feel so nervous even when the first day of college came it was a struggle for me .City tech so far being there was overall great . Until not i’m still kind of lost but hey i will be able to make it around .

To be honest happiness is whatever you want it to be.Everyone has different point of view on happiness.I want to learn everything about this course .I want to be able to write more about different topics . I really don’t know what is my weakness to be honest.Writing to me is a escape to reality .I am amazed by every word , every thought , everything that is put into writing to get this idea into something amazing.

I really hope everyone will enjoy this course .Be happy . I am going to try my hardest to do my best and not to be so hard on myself or stress a lot because I know how hard college is going to be .