How to buy happiness what good is money if It can’t buy happiness ? By Sonja lyubomirsky

In the article How to buy happiness what good is money of it can’t buy happiness ? By Sonja lyubomirsky says that money isn’t about how much we posse money but how we spend Money in our daily lives .Money doesn’t only give us opportunities to have luxuries or conveniences . Money can afford me better respect and status . More time , more money either way , we can afford to access health care and nutrition even greater security and control . Just because money bring us happiness doesn’t mean that goes well for everyone .
so instead of people spending money on their selves . People should spent it more on others .I really don’t agree with this in a way I do but then again I don’t .Even having all that money couldn’t clearly make a person happy because yes you can buy yourself
a new house or a car but the fact that all that money is spend all on yourself make you feel lonely .I personally don’t think money is happiness I mean money get you the things you want but what guarantee you have that will bring you happiness (?) .Happiness come from having someone close to you to spend time with and make new memories and experiences. It is better to have a connection with someone one rather to stay alone .Happiness ; you just can’t buy it but it takes a lot of effort to make the best of things .
Happiness cannot be brought but given .Its is better to make people smile and make a experience rather than being alone .Happiness isn’t about money but the way how you use it depends on you .Money just come and go. Experiences bring out happiness because you make them while you doing the things you love.But money can have the ability to make you closer to love ones.Happiness comes in different forms.