money makes us happy

in Sonja Lumbrisky’s article “how to buy happiness” shows us what happiness is. in the article she gave a survey to 77 present of the students and all of them said that “being well off financially” will make them happier. But that is not true compared to the view of a plastic surgeon who has it all. he believes that happiness isn’t being a rich doctor ; nor owning the latest cars. she spoke to a rich ivy league plastic surgeon and seen first hand that he was not happy. he had many cars yachts and vacation homes. the article describes how people mistake happiness for material things; rather than having experiences.

many people describe there ideal happiness as being rich with nice cars and boats, but some of the happiest people in the world are the ones spending that extra hour with family, or taking that dollar to buy a bear with friends. you don’t need to have a million dollars to be happy; all you need is a roof over your head and someone to love and make memories with. what good is having a yacht if you have no one to share the experience with (?). the experience of spending precious time with family and friends is what will last till your death.

I’ve met many people who have literally nothing but the shirts on their backs and still manage to put a smile on their face and say “good morning have a wonderful day”. on the other hand you walk by a man with a sports car all lonesome all he will do is honk with a mean, stressed soggy wet head and say get the “bloop” out of the way. This article tells the reader that no matter what money is not happiness. if your working tens of thousands of non stop hours; how do you expect to spend all your earnings(?). its nearly impossible to be happy making millions with no time to spend with family or friends, not even having time to spend that money. everyone is human ; everyone has the savage greed in their eye when faced with large quantities of money but it its not about how much of it you have , rather it is about how much of it you spent to create an experience and draw you closer to others in life.

this article tells us that we all measure success falsely. .. for it is not the amount of bank we bring in; but the it is measured by the amount of experiences and memories you’ve created for you and someone else using that money. would a new sports car make me happy? of course but it would but that’s the greed in me speaking. honestly would I buy homes , sports cars , boats if I were rich? of course; even though I am clearly aware it will not bring me maximum happiness it is gratifying.

To conclude no matter what we will always have our greed in the back of our palms but what really matters in a life of making happy choices is how you used that to create an experience.