Second Research Proposal

The second research proposal the topic will be about the damage that many homosexuals face within our society. Not only that there is harassment when homosexuals walk down the streets it doesn’t only happen there but also in homes , schools and jobs. The way how society treat other human beings is absurd. The damages that are left on homosexuals leave some physical and psychological effect. These harsh words and mistreatment leads to death,depression,being a social outcast,sever condition and maybe even suicide. There is a lot of cases about this even though most people don’t see it through their eyes or they are just being plain ignorant. This a serious thing when we outcast someone for being themselves and not fully understanding the way human are.It start out as little comments , jokes , and teasing from others. In the article its about a boy name Michael who is 16 years old who suffers because people mistreat him about his sexuality. Everyone would treat him different. Michael would notice that his boyfriend didn’t have to suffer as much as he did . Michael actually spoke to a adult which was his teacher but little did she helped. Nothing changed about it because she acted as if everything is normal about it. She thought it was just a playful game that happens in the playground. It is sad to think that even an adult think it is acceptable for these types of actions to occur. No action has happened to the harassment to this boy was taken. Now put yourself in his shoes all the damages was that taken to endure all this pain. Some people sees “homosexuality” as a problem.