Same-sex marriage :The Pursuit of Happiness

My research paper topic is going to be about how homosexual wanted to be happy with the same gender but society don’t  them.My topic is going to be about this because the happiness of a human being is being stop because they want to get married with the same gender but society doesn’t  that  .How these people just wanted to be happy being themselves and with the person they truly like and love.In society , at least in the United states which we have the right to persuade happiness had denied the laws for same sex marriage without having any concern for the well-being of the homosexuals.In the past, people whose sexual orientation was different than others had sacrificed their happiness in order to fit in society by being with and even marrying someone of the opposite gender and became depressed.I would like to write different ideas like how homosexuals are obligated to pretend they are what society wants them to be and how physical  and mental damages about them.Also another idea is to write about how all people should be able to express who they are .